En su última respuesta por email, Yas nos recordaba que seguía tocando en el mismo club, de lunes a viernes, y nos recordaba la dirección de su blog.

No podíamos sospechar que lo que realmente nos sugería es que leyéramos un artículo referido a nosotros. ¡Qué sorpresa!

En él dice lo siguiente:

2010-06-12 22:11:03

My friends in Español


I’ve got a message, that they, my friends; Mr. and Mrs Aristin, are planning to visit Japan in this year; its gonna be their 3rd visit.

Last two visit, in 2008, 2009, I little bit assist their stay and transportation when I walk in a small hotel in Kyoto as a manager..

They love Japan, and I love them, and they also visit the bar Mandarino Luna, where I sing bossanova every Monday to Friday.

Of course, I will assist their stay in our country at this time….when do they visit in this year?
(because I received the information, that they are now planning to visit us….hahaha.)

Yes, they’ve enjoyed my singing, and they will!

Takmi Hosaka

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