Domingo por la mañana.

¿Has pensado en viajar durante la pandemia de COVID-19?

Es muy importante que viajes seguro con una cobertura contra coronavirus.

Aquí puedes encontrar mucha información:

Seguros de viaje para COVID-19

¡¡ Un poquito de buena música !! Big Bang Baby de los STONE TEMPLE PILOTS.

Qué hacer si las entradas a Alcatraz están agotadas y cómo solucionarlo

I got a picture of a photograph
Of a wedding and a shell
It's just a burning aching memory
I never kiss and tell

So turn it up and burn it
There's a hole in your head
There's a hole in your head
Where the birds can't sing along

Does anybody know how the story really goes
Or do we all just hum along
Sell your soul and sign an autograph
Big bang baby, it's a crash, crash, crash

I wanna cry, but I gotta laugh
Orange crush mama is a laugh, laugh, laugh

Spin me up, spin me, spin me out
Station to station send me up and out
Is that what life and love is all about
I think I think so

We used to see in color
Now it's only black and white
It's only black and white
Because the world is color blind

Nothing's for free, nothing's for free
Take it away boys
Nothing's for free, nothing's for free
Take it away boys


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